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Data Protection / Privacy Policy

Based on Article 13 the data protection regulations (Data Protection Act, DSG), every person is entitled to protection of their privacy as well as protection against misuse of their personal data. We comply with these terms. Personal data are going to be kept strictly confidential and cannot be sold or passed on to 3rd parties.

In close cooperation with our hosting providers, we endeavour to guard the databases as far as possible against unauthorized access, loss, misuse or counterfeiting.

When accessing our web pages, the following data is stored in log files: IP address, date, time, browser request and general transmitted information about the operating system resp. Browser. These usage data form the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations, so that trends can be identified, with which we can improve our offers accordingly.


We have written this data protection declaration (version 28/05/2021-311171602) in order to explain to you in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection. what information we collect, how we use data.

Unfortunately, it's within the nature of things that the subsequent explanations sound very technical, but we tried to explain the foremost important things as simply and clearly as possible.


• The address (URL) of the website accessed
• Browser and browser version
• the operating system used
• the address (URL) of the previously visited page (referrer URL)
• the host name and the IP address of the device from which access is being made
• Date and Time
in files (web server log files).


If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or your data protection claims have otherwise been violated in any way, you can contact Team Sygnific Careers grievance department.


In the following data protection declaration, we inform you whether and how we evaluate data from your visit to this DBMS. The evaluation of the data collected is usually anonymous and we cannot infer your person from your behaviour on this platform. You can determine more about the chances of objecting to the present evaluation of your visitor data within the following section of the info protection declaration.

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